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Russian MF Positioning Systems

In contrast to the rest of Europe where MF positioning systems have largely disapeared over the past decade, in Russia and the former Soviet republics several are still in use.

BRAS (Брас) is a positioning system which is definitely still in use on the Baltic Coast, it's signals are clearly audible in the UK on 1.8 MHz.

RS-10 (РС-10) is very similar to BRAS and employs teh same transmission format in each pulse, howvere many more stations may be used.

MARS-75 (MAPC-75) is an LF positioning system which is thought to be still in use in the Black Sea area; it operates on around 70kHz

Chayka (ЧАЙКА) is an LF radio navigation system in use around the North coast of Russia. It is similar enough to LORAN-C that receivers are mutually compatible.

Last Modified 04/12/07