This is me, Alan

I have three primary work areas, although I undertake many other IT based jobs as well.

Bespoke Software How many times have you thought, "I wish I had a computer program that did....." Well, you probably can have it. Whether it is a custom VBA Macro for a spreadsheet, a desktop or mobile phone application, or a large server based system it is entirely possible that I can create something that will help you to achieve your business goals.

Web design and development I can provide the complete service as a one-stop shop that you need to get your own web site on the internet- at highly competitive prices.

General IT Consultancy I am always happy to advise on how you can make your IT and communications work smarter for you. Perhaps you are considering going Cloud, or need an upgrade for olser applications and operating systems. I can help you make those decisions.

For all of the above, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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Software development capability:

Java: I am an experienced Java developer, specialising in frames applications (graphical user interfaces), sockets (networking), and integration to specialist hardware via a variety of interfaces. This is my primary development langauge, and I have written numerous applications ranging from graphical design to scientific data acquisition. I have also written Java applications running under Linux on the Raspberry Pi and communicating with a server via a 3G wireless link for a specialist application.

Java for Android: I have written several Android smartphone applications, mainly for remote control and measurement. I have also written an app that integrates to a weather service web site, and provides weather briefings for pilots for more than 50 UK airports. It integrates to Android's speech recognition and text to speech engines for fully hands-free use. I am currently working on an information reference application for use by carers of people with learning disability.

PHP: I have written PHP 4 and 5 scripts for integrating with databases (MySQL), for the collecting of data from remote sensing devices and for the presentation of graphical data using PHP native graphics, and for dynamically generating and processing HTML forms. In addition I have written web sites where all content has been generated dynamically, using a single html template. I have also written corporate applications requiring user authentication for security, and am currently working on a project for a corporate customer that uses single sign-on (SSO) for Windows clients.

HTML: I have written web pages on and off since the 1990's but recently have actively sought commissions for web sites. I have now written a number of web sites and am gaining experience all the time. Recently I have made the move from using tables to format elements on the page, to using CSS. In addition to public web sites I have written HTML web client GUI's for corporate applications; including remote control of electronic relays (for door access).

Javascript: This client-side scripting language adds functionality to web pages. I typically use it for tasks such as image slideshows, image roll overs, and validating form entries. I am currently learning how to use AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) which is a platform that allows the web page to interact with the server asynchronously i.e. without having to refresh all the data. It makes HTML forms, for example, very much more user friendly.

ANSI C: I originally learnt the C language to program MS-DOS applications for PC's. More recently I have designed hardware devices based around the Microchip PIC series of microcontrollers, for example a product that can switch power or remotely control other devices or systems over the Internet, and it can measure values from standard 0-1v sensors and return these values to 1mV (0.1%) precision. All of the code for this processor application was written in ANSI C.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6: I wrote many scientific applications in VB6 but recently moved to Java as my main development platform. However, I regularly write specialist VBA Macros for Microsoft Office applications for business people. I have also developed custom ActiveX controls for scientific applications, including both GUI controls and signal processing.